happy dads day

To you also Leonard and all the other Fathers out there.

Have a nice day. :):smiley:

hfd—very nice

Happy Fathers day guys, enjoy the day, and your families. :smiley:

Happy Fathers Day to everyone else. This is my first year for Father’s Day.


Happy Fathers day to everyone…

Happy Fathers Day to all the HI fathers.

First day of summer and Father’s Day. What a great combination. Happy Father’s day everyone!!!

Congratulations as a new Fathers Day NewComer. The grandkids will come faster than you think.

Enjoy. :D:mrgreen:

That’s a big 10-4…:smiley:

Happy DADS day to all you dedicated dads out there.

Believe it or not…I’m still “DADA” to my two kids. “DAD” will come later.



Invalid link David:)

I changed the pics. All set now.

I’m so proud of my kids.

OOp’s there they are.
Nice looking kids. :slight_smile: