Daily Door Prize! First 10 members to reply win!

First 10 members to reply to this post wins:http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/t-shirt.aspx
-Compliments of InspectorOutlet

I’ll take XL blue if you can still do it, “anyone else is looking around”
Thanks, Chris





any left? xl

large blue Inspected Once Inspected Right

Hmmm…First 10, lets see?..I counted 15 responses kind of quick, I may have miscounted by 5, I’ll count one more time to make sure 15 people replied or not—:shock:

Done counting yet? :p:cool:

LOL Rick—:stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Dale, when you pack up my hat do you mind throwing in one of those NACHI inspected once inspected right pens I’ve been hearing so much about. Thanks!!

I will take one. L please.

Many can inspect without being able to count…:stuck_out_tongue:

I will take ALL ten please. And Dale please ship these overnight.

Ohhh… Me me me!

XXXXL, Rainbow color, “inspected once or twice (don’t know 'cause I can’t count)”


“inspected once or twice (don’t know 'cause I can’t count)”

Good one Mark:D

me too if im not late

The 10 who cannot count past 10 will be receiving the Rosetta Stone CD-

“So you think you can Dance”***, which is a GREAT stocking stuffer for your OWN stocking—:stuck_out_tongue:

Shipping Receiving
Brain Surgery
Screen Door Repair

I received the tan hat I won from the other days give away.

Nice hat and only took 2 days to recieve.


If your still looking for some winners, I’ll take a blue, XL, " Its an InterNACHI Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand"


Blue, Large, “Anyone else is just looking”.

Thank you very much.

Too late? Cant get the timming down…

It helps to post on the same day:mrgreen: