Daily Door Prize! First 12 members to reply to this post win!

XXXL tall if available and Thank you

I got mine in the mail. They are a very nice product. I guess I should have put my size on the thread. Mine will even fit the orange giant Will.

Thanks for the suit guys. :slight_smile:

large please

Xlarge Please

3x prizes please

L please

I got mine Saturday. I am 5’ 10" and 165. I recieved a XXXLG. Wife says we can both fit in that tent. I like her thinking!!!

These are good for crawls when you just want to throw away whatever you were wearing. Only problem I’ve had with them is they tend to rip when you are crawling over anything sharp.

Hi Claire…any more left…Large please.

Large …keep up the great work…thanks

I received mine. Mine was too small.:frowning: I think I’ll donate it at our local chapter meeting in Dec. as a door prize.:smiley:

I thought I ordered a medium, gee, I just scared the grandkids.:mrgreen::wink:

Save it for Halloween, Marcel.—:lol:

Unless you overeat today, may fit perfectly—:shock:—:lol:

Maybe you’ll grow into it Marcel. :wink:

Mike, I think I have gone beyond my growing days, I was thinking more of all the room I have inside the suit to install more pockets for tools. :mrgreen::wink:

Your photo is so Funny! I got a 4X!!! I can fit TWO inspectors in mine:D:D

I need to post a pic of me in it… I am a skinny guy to top it off!!:smiley:

Anyone want to trade???..for a medium…ok ok …small

Pat, I got two and they were both 4x, they must have had a sale on that size.
I could use it as a sleeping bag. :mrgreen:
Tahnks to Inachi anyways, will still use it if it don’t slide off when in use. :wink:

GREAT idea!!:smiley: Fill it with super expanding spray foam… and then mold it to yourself!!:stuck_out_tongue:

When the snow flies, you could go sledding… without the sled!:smiley: