daily door prize

Just wonder if this was for real. I thought I won one back in june or july never recieved it.

I don’t think it was going on in June. Maybe July. What did you win?

I received two of mine. I haven’t received the Palm-Tech software/certificate, and I am just waiting for the $100 still, but that was recent.

One Certified Well Sampler CD: http://www.hitinteractivemedia.com/first.html

First one to reply to this post with his/her name, city, state and NACHI ID# wins.

Contact http://www.hitinteractivemedia.com/first.html direct for your prize.

july 28

Did you contact the H.I.T interactive media company directly for your prize like it says there at the bottom?

yes and after that had two emails then nothing

Email Lisa or Deanna at Fast Reply. They’re awesome! :slight_smile: