Dallas / Fort Worth Inspection

guys I need someone to do a flat roof in The DFW area. This job is urgent, today or tomorrow. I already bid it at .20 cents a square for a 2800 sq/ft flat roof, and the customer is good to go at that rate.

You must have flat roof experience to do this job. I would prefer at least level II training or Level I with a dedicated flat roof or roofing/building diagnostics training.

Call me at 877-207-1244 or 480-528-4045.


Weather is not going to cooporate with that time frame. We had 20 hours of rain on Sunday/Monday, cool and cloudy today so things are not drying, and more rain coming tonight and all day tomorrow. This has been one of the wettest Octobers in history here. Supposed to dry out and be nice over the weekend into next week, so something the first part of next week might work.