Damage from an unplugged condensate pump.

Inspection from the begining of the week in a 3 year old 1 bedroom condo.

The condensate pump in a attached utility closet was left unplugged and allowed condensate to spill on the floor. During the inspection, the home owner commented that he thinks this was the first time anyone had been in the utility room since he moved in 3 years ago.

How would you have worded this observation in your report? Bear in mind the sole air return shares the wall with the utility room.

I am just looking for some feedback on how other inspectors would have called out the obvious mold and “possible” defects in these photos.

Without calling it mold of course.:shock:



unplugged condensate pump.JPG

looks like mold.JPG

Report what you see - the condensate pump line was not hooked up and has leaked on the ground causing (and list) what damage you see. Due to the leak there is suspect mold growth on the wall. Recommend it be tested and remediated by by qualified companies.

Is there enough combustible air in that closet for the water heater?

That is mold. Without using the word,

[size=2]NOTE: A visible organic growth consistent with mold was observed. The underlying cause is moisture.[/size] [size=2]Recommend sampling by a industrial hygienist, or qualified mold inspector, followed by remediation by a qualified Contractor if necessary.

Yes the combustion air was called out too, they had used louvered dryer vents in the doors but they were installed so they sucked themselves closed when under draft. But that was for another post…