Damn there is someone doing them really cheap in Austin

I had a first today. I had an agent call me for a quote for a client. The quote was for a 1500 sqft pier & beam built in 1957. I bid it at what I already thought to be a tad low. $375 and told the agent I’d give her client 10% off as a get to know you kind of thing. First she wanted to know why inspectors charge so much extra for p&b then told me that even with the discount she had an inspector she worked with a lot that was WAY cheaper. I said thanks for calling and good luck.

It will only get worse as TREC continues to lower the bar with lower passing exam scores for Inspectors This serves RE Agents and Jim Bushart is right, TREC serves Agents first, consumers second then Inspectors.

I did call her back to get her e-mail. I sent her a sample report showing the quality of my work and website info. Maybe turn it into something positive :slight_smile:

I warn Realtors that inspectors with real low prices are probably newbies and they will make mistakes. They may make a BIG mistake that could end up getting her dragged into court. Her client will forget all about that $75 she saved him when the buyer gets hit with a $5,000 to $10,000 repair bill.

If you look at my FB page today you’ll notice a question from a young lady about her foundation cracking. This same lady’s husband turned me down to inspect her house because her husband found a guy who was $15 dollars cheaper than me and suggested by his RE agent. The shame is this lady pleaded with her husband to go with me because she went to school with my kids and knew my construction backround but he wouldn’t budge. He wanted to use the inspector his used house salesman suggested. I’m offering to go by and look at the cracks for them. We’ll see what happens…maybe it’s nothing to be concerned about.

(on FB) Subtle hint by the “was it inspected?” question. Do you think she realizes the above scenario, that you know who she is?

Sounds like Texans pick home inspectors like NACHI members pick insurance carriers.


Way too low on your quote with a P&B. But, then I’m not tuned into the Austin rates.

We have the drive-bys here in D/FW as well. Far too many of them.

Albeit, I booked a 1100 s.f., P&B, 1923 for $500 today. Former client of mine who keeps buying and having me inspect.

You don’t need to “get to know the zoid” … keep many arm’s lengths away. Once you tumble to a lower fee you will have long, hard hill climb back up.


Nolan Kienitz

Oh I’m sure she suspects I know who she is. I just couldn’t help but ask that question though. I hope from the bottom of my heart that there is nothing wrong with her foundation but if it is I will try to turn this into something positive for my business.

Just make sure to screen-shot that (FB) conversation when it’s over. Wouldn’t surprise me if the husband takes the cheap way out again, and then says that you told his wive on FB to do it that way. CYA!!!

Thanks for the input Nolan. I had thought I was about $25 to $50 low. What would your bid have been on this house? I asked another local and he was like $25 higher than my original $375.
I’m sticking to my pricing and won’t drop because others are. I did get the agent to tell me who she usually uses and checked out his site. He’s a nachi member and I’m thinking I will call him and see if the agent was just blowing smoke trying to beat me down on my price. Hell we’re talking about the word of an agent here, I think I’ll trust the word of a fellow inspector first. I’m thinking that to be fair I’ll call the guy and check out his pricing for myself. He might just be a stand up guy and the agent just using his name.

The citizens of this great country used to make quality things. Then corporate greed set in, and Wal-Mart would not buy anything unless it was cheap.

Now this holds true in very commodity. We are buying import items at every level, because it is cheap. Who cares how long it lasts, or the true value of the item.

It is all about price, and how much money can you rebate me if I give you the business. This is true in every industry; not only ours.

That 1,100 sq. ft. slab home here in KC would be $219 including termite.

If you make your inspection services just a commodity then you will always have to compete with the low-ballers. Sad but true.

I feel a little silly asking but, what is an FB page?


You’re pretty cheap already with your quote. I charge a good bit more for P&B. If she wants to know why you charge extra, just hand her a crawl suit and a face mask and offer to show her.:mrgreen:

What would your quote have been Chuck? As I mentioned I felt I was $25 or $50 too cheap but was trying to foster a relationship.

The race to the bottom continues…

In DFW any house up to 2500 sq ft for $250.


George Szontagh
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This low baller in Illinois has you beat. :shock: $175.00 (Cash Only) :twisted:


[FONT=Verdana]"I am offering my services to inspect your new home for a flat …rate fee of $200.00 CASH ONLY" :roll:[/FONT]

Ah. Thanks. I went to his website looking for FB somewhere. Silly me.