Dang new forum is hard to get

…but I’m starting to get the hang of it. :grinning:

Anybody else starting to get the hang of it? :+1:

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Getting there. It’s growing on me. Much better at images and keeping you up to date on new threads and new posts. An then there is the performance difference!!! I have not checked the search function yet, but expect I will before too long (I have high expectations)

I do not like the fact that it doesn’t show the quote of the person you’re replying to. It makes it confusing for someone reading a thread, or a post, and they don’t know what someone is replying to.

If you highlight all or part of the message before clicking reply, it will quote that.

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partial quote


Gotcha. Thanks Chuck. Quotes were automatic when you clicked reply at previous MB.

Works amazing. Now there’s no reason for anyone to ask about Home Advisor or report software ever again!

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Yes. Much improved. I like the real time results.

Wow. Who knew? Chuck. :scream:

Another great feature of the new forum is the ability to share posts to social media (Facebook and Twitter) by clicking on the link icon at the bottom of the post. This is a great tool to help keep your company pages engaging with regular fresh content (much better than posting thank you pictures of every house you inspect - nobody cares and will eventually stop following you if you keep doing that).

I’m really starting to like this platform.

Still learning more of the great many advantages of this board over the old one.

Discovered today that you can edit the titles of topics you post. No more being stuck with typos in the headings!

Just a test
I wanted to see if you could embed YouTube video. I guess not.

He, he :smile:

Let me give it a try…It worked.
Keep watching

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He-he :wink: