Dang Renewal time again :(

Just a reminder most of your licenses will expire this year.

My G.C. in August.

My H.I. in July.

Time for more fun continuing ed thanks to licensing yeah…:roll:

I feel ripped off every time I have to do this crap :frowning:

Don’t! :slight_smile:
That’ll show em! :slight_smile:

How do you know when your license will expire? I just got mine in July.

All FL home inspector licenses expire this July 31st. You may not need the CEUs for this cycle since you got your license last year. Check your DBPR account for any deficiencies.

Look at it…it says right on it.

I feel smart. I haven’t really looked at the license since I got it.

On the last go around, the Wind Mitigation class covered all of the requirements to re-up the license (if I remember correctly). Is that the same this time? What about the Mold License? Anyone… Thanks in advance!

I’m using the same ones I turned you on to last cycle.

I do not remember from 2 years ago.

Man, married with child sure takes up your memory space :slight_smile:

Pace !


I’ve tried them before for contractor CE…really dry, but cheap. I wish NACHI would get on board with the required contractor CEUs instead of just general. I am getting my required CE with BOAF this year in a classroom. Might just learn something new this time.

The classroom CE bore me to tears.

Me as well.

I have talked to Ben and Nick both about CE for Contractors and neither would bite :frowning:

I think they are crazy. There are way more different types of contractors they could do it for instead of just HI’s

Yes, plus the $105.00 fee.