It sure is sleepy around here.

It seems everyone has left. I hate to say it but they appear to be chatting on facebook groups.

I wonder if it is just to get away from non Florida members who talk crap or something? I still look here almost daily and all are gone.

I also wonder why everyone is so much nicer on the facebook pages?

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmm

I feel like an empty nester here now. All Alone…Have a great weekend.

Mike, many did stop posting here because of a few people. Some do not have the time to argue with them back and forth all day. They seem to attack people just because they have a different perspective. The Facebook posts are nicer but it also easier to follow through-out the day because of the notification on the phone.

Thumbs up.:wink:

My Blood Pressure has gone down not worrying about the several jerks anymore.
Used to be fun to argue to make a point but the same guys never let up and are obsessed .You know who they are .

After 10 years it wears you out being attacked for trying anything new .

I followed you guys while I was up in NJ. I learned a lot! Now, I get down here. get my license in Florida and nothing is going on.

I moved for Jersey almost 30 years ago

The floor is yours Mikey, just keep it inspection related.:cool:

You mean like you and your unfounded FP panel recommendations?

Pot meet kettle

How many Bernie Sanders Supporter Inspectors does it take to complete a 2500 square foot home in 2 hours? :twisted:

Also Yes I agree John.

You didn’t run and hide to your little safe-place Facebook page because anyone was arguing with you, you run and hide because the things you teach people are soo easily refuted with actual facts. Your so heavily vested in nonsense and non-verifiable voo doo science that you have no way of changing course without admitting that what you have been teaching inspectors is not based in fact but complete crappola. And what would that say about the forms you have completed?

Case in point would be the roof system perimeter. For years you have been teaching inspectors wrong information favoring insurance agents…that the form is based on “insurance industry criteria”…then and insurer comes out and actually refutes what you are teaching. Even they know what a “roof system perimeter” is when you don’t.

Here’s my question, did you go back and correct all of your supposed 30,000+ wind mitigations which inaccurately assessed roof system perimeter to verify that one of your clinets may have possibly qualified for a hip roof? Guess not…Your a real giver John.

Weren’t you also part of the group that stated an exterior utility room that shared no openings with the host structure needed to have opening protection? How did that one work out for you? Did you go back and correct all of those improperly completed forms?

The information that you teach inspectors to report is worthless…and insurers are starting to realize that. They have been since 2009. As the 2008 ARA states, the data supplied on newer structures built to the FBC is assumed to be “code complaint”…but insurers aren’t getting that information because of you and a few others are dumbing the form down to a worthless permit verification form.

Inspectors will lose this form, and we’ll lose it because of what you are teaching them to do. Stay on your little Facebook safe place John, but at least be truthful about why you are there.

Robert, What do you consider the perimeter?

I consider it the Perimeter of the building as stated on the form.

That is not what is stated on the current form. And, don’t get Robert started, as you will end up being more confused than he is.

Bradley is correct Mike…

Total roof system perimeter: _______ feet

LOL :slight_smile:

Robert say what you will. I am glad you have time to research everything that is discussed. You have never taken my full course, and the portion that I taught in your presence was a waste of time because you can not show any respect to anyone. This is evident by the fact that you are here. You are loosing places to spout your nonsense.

My class is very similar to the many of the other classes taught throughout the state and has been discussed by many in the industry. Other instructors, many underwriters and others in the industry have discussed you and we have concluded you are a smart guy, and can take the time to find some shred of evidence to back your position. We all admire that you have that kind of time. We are simply busy with many other things to argue and make you understand, since you have no maturity and simply dismiss anything that does not support your position. Here is another fact you simply don’t understand, I am not the sole author of “my class”. The class was written with input and updates from other sources and you believe you know more than all of those sources. It is laughable. In fact the latest addition as presented by InterNachi on-line was not updated by me. The last live version of that class was taught by another instructor. The live classes I teach are updated each time I teach them. Including the two that I am currently scheduled to teach.

This is America and you are entitled to your own opinion. You apparently can only express that opinion when attacking other inspectors. I figure that this is why you still have yet to teach or write any wind mitigation class. Your constant attack of inspectors, from your blog to presentations, teaches nothing. It shows your immaturity and total lack of respect for anyone including other inspectors. You have little experience in this field, by your own admission and still think you know more than everyone else. This again points to your maturity and inability to consider any other positions.

I was not in the middle of your shed discussion. Since all the facts were not given up front and the people were not there is easy to complain about the thoughts they had from the little information that was give. That is exactly why I will not continue to discuss things openly with you. Your maturity does not allow for a proper discussion.

You spouting nonsense in public forums is what will cause home inspectors to be considered to be removed from the form. You are the one who told the state that 100% of the wind mits done by HIs are wrong, you are the one who told the state that HIs are lazy, you are the one that told the state that HIs do not want to do correct wind mits. In fact you are the one in your own blog that tells everyone not to hire a home inspector and experience means nothing. Did you conveniently forget these proven simple facts that everyone can see and hear for themselves.

You can refute everything I ever said or did, go for it. Write a class, teach a class, get it approved by the state and you can have your say. Oh wait, you don’t qualify, you would have to prove to the state what makes you qualified and I don’t think you can do that without actually doing wind mits.

You will understand everything after you grow up.

Do you even read what you write before you post it John?

When it comes to who is listening, I’m pretty certain you know my audience isn’t shrinking. The reason I am certain of this is because you were actually signed up to attend one of those audiences I spoke in front of last month. A specific workgroup attended by over 100 insurers where the topic of discussion was Home Inspections, wind mitigations, and building code enforcement. You never showed. Your commitment inspires us all John. As for me “getting home inspectors removed from the form”. In order for that to happen FSS 627.711 would need to be changed, not “talking on a forum”.

My position has always been the same, that the form will go away as the information it provides will be deemed useless for its’ intended purpose….assessing risk. Properly installed mitigation techniques reduces an insurers’ exposure, could this be any simpler? The “discounts”, properly referred to as “rate differentials”, are an incentive only….once insurers realize that inspectors are only providing permit verification, why would they need an inspector? As FSS 627.711 states, they can accept a form from anyone they see qualified.

You are required to provide your sources for each course, I had to do this with my roof geometry course that FABI currently has submitted. I wrote this course with guidance from industry experts and known roof geometry specialists from renowned universities. You know what else you are required to provide? A detailed course outline that shows how the course relates to the practice of home inspection services as defined under FSS 468.8311(4). And you know what the DBPR says, that the “standards of practice were written for the performance of home inspection services as defined under FSS 468.8311(4)”. So what and who were your sources? Please tell me it wasn’t a certain individual who falsely advertises themselves as an Engineer when they are not.

I losing track of what you are really saying……first it was “your course”, now it’s a course that “you didn’t even write”. So is it “your course”, or is it a course you recite produced by someone else? Is this the same as when you stated the 1802 was based off of “insurance industry criteria”, and then an insurer completely destroyed your position? I honestly can’t keep track anymore as you change your position so often. No wonder inspectors have so many questions after taking the course as evidence here.

I use authoritative documents to reinforce my positions because that’s what smart people do, you should try it sometime. In fact, I’m pretty sure this is why the 1802 references authoritative documents such as building codes.

Our motives couldn’t be farther apart John, you care about your wallet and I care about the families that live in these homes…….end of story.


What are your thoughts about the INACHI Wind Mitigation course?

Should we follow the course guidelines?

Robert, you don’t even realize, I don’t do stand alone wind mit anymore. I have not done them in years. Your claims are outlandish. Just like the claims you and your couple of friends made about an inspector being sued for not doing a home inspection to code after he did a “code wind mit”. You twist the facts to fit your purpose.

I signed up to go to the meeting and decided not to attend after talking to some others about it. Funny thing is some people wanted me to go, just to see what crazy things you would say this time.

Here they go again!