Danger Danger Will Smith

I was looking for the easy way up on this real dangerous roof and all of a sudden I had this dangerous dog looking in my face gota be more careful:p;-)

A killer indeed lolol

That is just a distraction so you don’t see the outside NM going into the ground without a conduit.:mrgreen:

I think he just wants you to play ball with him using that spittle and dirt covered, slick remnant of a baseball. Come on Charley, be a sport.

looks like You’re lucky to be alive there red hat…

What is that BOX in the ground with a metal door?

Looks like “Play ball”


Okay, honest Charlie, how long did you play with him? :wink:

Buck your in Kansas and don’t recognize a storm cave:D

We had a nice romp until the little ankle biter got jealous;-)