This is the back of a well sealed furnace closet extending into a bedroom clothes closet.

No visible breaches and appeared to provide a solid boundary between the two closets. Draft and combustion air come from the Attic into the furnace closet.

Anyone concerned?


since you said attic, i’m guessing it’s not a mobile. i know that they can’t get “air” from a bedroom, but if it’s a combanation pipe, exhausting threw the roof, and the outer part getting air from the attic, or outside, i see that on a regular basis, especialy in mobils.

The Door on the closet needs to be self closing and have an air tight seal

If this is a cat 4 condensing unit, High efficiency unit, (PVC piping going to the exterior of the building) with the combustion air coming from the outside and products of combustion exhausting to the outside is “should” be ok WITH the exception ( Did the installation follow the MFG. instructions?)

Does the AHJ have any conditions to change the MFG. recommended install?

If this is NOT the case then you may have a CO death machine in a bedroom with is NOT allowed in my part of the country… :shock:

As always you can check the label in/ on the unit for type, BTU’s and some tell you if it can be installed in a closet. This is where the manual is key which should be next or close by the unit…:wink: Your local gas company may have something to say about this install too.

Keep 'em alive…:smiley: