Dangerous Trend

This is something I’ve been seeing too often on new homes. HVAC installers are putting the operating manual/warranty inside the burner cabinet.

Have any of you all noticed this in your areas?

This was from a couple of days ago on a new home.

Harper 1237 Quiet Brook Ln. 018.jpg

Harper 1237 Quiet Brook Ln. 016.jpg

Yep Patrick, I set them off to the side.

I could only imagine what would happen to an attic furnace…manual catches on fire, then the internal wiring, etc…

I’ve been doing the same, either set them aside or take them out completely.

Was there installing company name Patrick? Is so maybe call them and bring to their attention.

No there wasn’t on this one.

Sean found one not vented ( new Home) flue ended in the insulation. I am wondering if anyone checks these things.

Ofcourse they do! The building inspectors check for everything :roll:.

yeah right. I just found a new bedroom window that was 2 square feet. I scratched my head and the builder said ‘‘what’’.

I find manuals quite often in the funaces. Some have been ther a while. You would think the lightbulb would go off withe others, but we are in east Tn.

I find that hard to believe you find anything, Lucky you have that GPS to get home . lol
Now it is your turn.

Looks to me like a Tennesee problem.
“never figgerred the gas was gonna leak on the papers, heck it’s covered in plastic anyways”

It s Seans fault we never had a problem till he got here. Btw i told you was lucking to find anything he cant even find his back to this post…

I have seen this one several occasions. I usually carry a box of large zip lock bags in my truck, just for personal things, so when I see this I take them out place them in a zip lock bag and tape them to the units enclosure. Not really in my SOP, but it does make the buyer happy that I took the time to do it.