Dare to be different!

Not safe, just different.

Handrail 2.JPG

Handrail 1.JPG

Please tell me that it ain’t so!

Reminds me of the time I slipped in my sock feet at the top of the stairs and sort of skied all the way to the bottom, with the soles of my feet skidding across the nose of each tread and my hands over my head. Landed on my feet in the kitchen and didn’t touch a thing with my hands all the way down or at the bottom. My feet hurt though, and my heart went bumpety-bump for a while.

Safe for Kids!

Keeps drunks from getting upstairs.

Yeah, but you still have to get them out of the basement.

Sweet!!!..an equal opportunity hazard…You can get hurt from either side…

Richard F,

You have a pretty good pic of challenging stairs for a drunk on your home page!

Yeah, that’s like the femur fracturer.

Owner an Insurance Salesman Kent?—:smiley:

Could you imagine coming home liquored up…making it about 3/4 of the way up, and land in the Basement…oh my—:ack!:–:ouch:–:margarit:

Ole Addie yellin…“You OK?”----“I hope not”—:lol:

He’s a contractor, Dale!

What I want to know is… what is that handrail going to look like whien he gets the CO. I think he’s going to have to bend it around the transition.

That is unbelievable Kenton.
I’d be curious as to how they now plan on anchoring the Newel posts and handrails.:slight_smile:

How dumb is that! The homeowner must have a deathwish.

Hope they have a coffee brewer in the bedroom.

This is obviously a home built for angels or other flying types.

I personally like it… it flies in the face of the regulatory police… but then again I dont see the problem with riding around on top of 6 gallons of highly explosive volatiles without any safety precautions other then hope…and of course dealing with a bunch of cagers who have everything on their mind except of the task at hand, driving. But for me its a personal choice to do same… matter of fact I will be on one most of the day running errands. If I could find a way to put a ladder on same I would be showing up at my sites on the bike instead of the Avalanche.

Great work - I like it. I love it when everyone thinks this is the final product and bashes it. Looks like a great scenario for a cable rail system. I’d like to see the final installation prior to getting the CO.