Dark area around chimney...

Hey folks,
Inspected a house yesterday but couldn’t get on the roof due to rain. Went back today and roof was too steep to walk. From the ground I noticed a dark area around the chimney at the front of the house.

Roof is 22 yr old architectural shingle in decent shape, but I’m not sure what to say about the dark spot other than have a roofer look at it. Any ideas/opinions?


How did the underside of those roof areas look from the attic?

" The roof is too steep to be traversed safely. There is a darker than normal area surrounding the metal pipe chimney’s as well as buckling of shingles. The area in question was not visible from the interior of the attic(If it wasn’t). I recommend a licensed roofer evaluate for possible repairs. Although typically metal chimneys do not require bracing unless 5 ft or taller, the taller of the two appears to be leaning (insert direction). This should be looked at as well."

I’m wondering the same thing. Looks like it might be moisture related.