Data Errors

When I create a new order I am getting data errors

I enter the address and then select the Validate address button.
ISN used to auto populate the Year Built and Square Footage data. Obviously this data plays an important role in allowing a client to use the online scheduler.

This seems to not work at all anymore while using Google Chrome, and works about 50% of the time on Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer.

Any ideas as to why this is happening.

Hi John,

We get this information from Zillow’s API. About six months ago we started to see a rapid increase in 502 errors from Zillow. After some research we learned that local MLS systems are starting to enable the blocking of some properties (according to Zillow). There appears to be less rhyme or reason as to what areas are being blocked unfortunately.

We have reached out to Zillow several times and have not heard from them (anyone know one of their developers?? :wink: ).

The reason you are seeing that error is because when we asked for information from Zillow they provided us a nice error that the data has been blocked by a regional MLS.

We are looking into ways to suppress this message so it’s not so annoying.

But that is the “why!”

Your comment about Chrome vs Edge, etc… that actually does not make a difference as that data call happens on our network and not on your browser. I hope that at least answers the question about which browser is doing what. If you noticed a trend it was merely random.

Let me know if other questions pop up.

Thanks, Chris

I’m happy if it ever auto populates. I get the error more often than not.

Why does not ISN get the information from, instead of a site that trys to steal the information from local MLSs?

Does it have fsbo’s?

Yes, it scraps some of that info too.

@james / @joshua,

It’s a fair question with a huge messy answer. does not allow any 3rd party access nor offer any developer API features (how us nerds get the data). (warning, my opinion ahead…) It’s a based on a foundation of control. If you go back far enough you’ll recall when real estate agents had the infamous MLS books and were the sole providers of the listings through the MLS books. It was a magical time because the information was controlled incredibly well. In today’s digital age they are struggling to maintain control of the data but still doing a great job. Modern companies like Zillow an Trulia have or are trying to break down some of the data walls but running into challenges. (okay, end my opinion)

In order to get the true data feeds you have to use something called RETS. But RETS is tricky. You have to have access to each individual MLS system to use the feeds. Furthering the complication each sub MLS system has some idiosyncrasies. Thus, creating a single feed of this data is very very time consuming, expensive and you’d have to have a partner paying each and every MLS system in the coverage area.

(in case you can’t sleep here’s more info on it - )

Now, there are other ways to get this information and I have been working on it but it’s a lot of loops to jump through. Stay tuned… I am working on some new magic!

Thanks, Chris

Thanks, Chris!

Today I found out the real reason I get more data errors than not.

My local Realtor board blocked sharing MLS info with Zillow. Individual agents/brokers can update Zillow with their listings, but nothing happens automatically.

So more often than not, when ISN goes to Zillow to pull in info, it’s just not there.

And it doesn’t help that most listing agents input in the property by neighborhood name, and ISN looks for the legal address.

@Ian, interesting they admitted to you they were directly blocking it. Sadly this is 100% our pain with poor Zillow (I believe everyone shares in the frustration). Regardless of your opinion of Zillow it has to be painful to lose the data feeds you’ve had for so long.

Zillow was the one did not renew their agreement with NAR. Then they got caught and convicted of stealing employees and trade secrets. Zillow actually acted surprised when so many local Realtor Boards said no to them tapping into their MLS. NAR gave Zillow a golden goose, but Zillow got too greedy and their goose was killed.