Date of "6 throw" requirement

Does anyone know the date for the requirement that all electical service is shut off to a house with no more than " 6 throws" of breakers? 1971 GE service - (see the Approved sticker). I know, aluminum wire, multiple grounding and grounded conductors together under a single screw -
I expect an argument from the AHJ, seller, broker - since there is an Approved sticker it must be okay -

I think that is a split buss panel and 5 throws appears to remove all power.

I think the second two pole breaker down on the right side feeds the lower half bus.

What size is that breaker?

Need a higher res pic.

Thanks Mike - you may be right. I followed all the wires but could not see the termination of that breaker. But just for my knowledge, do you know of a date for the requirement?

Not sure but that has been around for decades.

I couldn’t read the approval sticker, but your rebuttal might be that the approval was only valid for the date of the approval and would not apply to any additions or revisions that may have been made since.:mrgreen:

It is in the 1959 code, that the oldest book I have.

Frank - you are right - and there have been many changes since the “Approve” install - mostly to remove the alum wire - but to most people, once approved, always approved -
Thanks Mark - always wanted to know how far back it goes -