Dating a Goodman

Does anyone have decoding for Goodman Furnaces and a/c unit dates?

I dated a Goodman back in the ‘70’s. She was a tramp and things just didn’ the work out for us.

That’s because she was a he, but he was a good man :wink:

thanks for the HELPFUL information

Linas and Troy I hope you know thats my wife your talking about lol

How do you know? You were probably drunk and took Mr. Goodman’s sausage up your poop chute.:wink:
That’s probably when woke up at his house with a sore butt and realized you hit bottom, saw God and joined your quitters club.:stuck_out_tongue:

I came in here to post a witty joke like everyone else… thanks for taking this straight to the gutter Linus. :shock: