daughters new fridge

good day america’s finest…my daughter and hubby recently purchased used fridge which they had to transport for a sizable distance (aprox 150 miles or so) and i assume without asking that they hauled it home on the side. i remember in ‘the old days’ that a fridge layed on its side had to be set upright for quite awhile before turning it on. now, that i know all this inspector stuff (or some) im assuming that its probably due to the possibility of some liquid getting into the compressor. perhaps some quite knowledgeable person, in the area of refridgerators, can provide some details in this area…what will i tell my little girl?
mike in MN

I would recommend it be upright for 24 hrs before plugging in… but I’m no expert :wink:

I too am not an expert But I agree and 48 could be better .
That’s what I have done many times and also with Window air conditioners and it has worked OK for us.

24 hours, before plugging in, is recommended by most all (US) manufacturers, as stated in the users manuals.

It does not need a lot of time I have plugged them in, in less than 30 minutes all it needs is a little time for the oil to drain back into the compressor, oil is heavy does not take long to drain back.

Same as Charlie , done it many many times . 30 to 60 min.

I’m just thinking since it’s a used fridge and at least a 150 miles of travel, what’s the rush? (if it was mine, I wouldn’t wait too long… but since it’s someone else’s daughter…;-))

I agree with Charley, it works like an excetylene bottle. ha. ha.

My only question, Why, would anyone travel 150 miles and spend 100 dollars in fuel and spend time and money for eatery to buy a used refrigerator that can be purchaced for $400 + dollars?

I know they make them to a cost of $2,000 plus, was that the case?:slight_smile:

We can tell ya but will have to shoot you as soon as we tell ya:D;-)

Well, in that case, I won’t ask. :wink:

prolly best…

Sometimes my Logic supersedes me. ;):smiley:


I have used the same time it was on it’s side for it to be upright before plugging it in to use…always worked in the past.

So how many of you bi*ch and complain and demand warranty when you don’t follow manufacturers instructions? No need to answer. I could guess at the correct number.

I’m just guessing, but if none of them ever had a problem with their fridge after waiting only 30-60 min., then the answer would be… none of them.:wink:

This one never LOL , I use to delivery on a part time job when i was in high school. you be surprised what happen to your precious aplainance on the way to your home . Only had a call backs only for dents .
Also i had to deal with a lot of wall AC units for 23 years . surprise no problems . so I guess we bought quality Products . lol :wink: so were correct on your (***)umption

Cameron $ Wayne… thanks for playing!

The question wasn’t about about what your experiences have been, but more to the actual event of damage when it occurs. If a “fridge” became damaged from failing to follow the manufacturers instructions… what would your actions be? (Forget that you may have the abilty to make the necessary repairs yourself). Lets also specify that it is a NEW unit, and not a used unit (shouldn’t matter, right?).

Oh I’m just razzing you man.

But seriously, I bet that manufacturer’s suggestion is way overestimated, and for good reason. It benefits them if during a warrantee call they find out you didn’t wait the full 24-48 hours. “Oh, I’m sorry. it appears you have voided the warrantee. Bye bye.”

It is after all a form of insurance. :slight_smile:

So, are they any different than your average HI?

How ironic that** we** bi*ch and moan when someone doesn’t follow *our *instructions!

What a bunch of hypocrites!!! :twisted::twisted: