Daughters Seizures

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My sister lives in Kansas and her daughter lives in Idaho. Jenifer and her husband Joseph have two boys 11 and 4. She started having seizures July of 2013. They found a Cavernous Malformations of the Brain (Cavernomas) unfortunately they are unable to remove this malformation due to the location of it in her brain. Her seizures are grand mal in nature and have caused her speech and memory deficits. After each seizure she takes a week or more to recover and never fully regaining her baseline. Joseph works full time in IT and is able to be at home with her nights and weekends. Oddly enough Jenifer only has seizures while she is sleeping. When she has a seizure it becomes a sleepless night for Joseph. The emotional toll this is taking on them is huge. She is the love of his life and he is terrified of losing her. It is beyond terrifying for me. I lost a child in 1999 to a similar brain disorder. My son Bucky was 16 when he died from an arteriovenous malformation (AVM). Needless to say this is cause for alarm and controlled panic for me.
The complicate things, they do not live near any family. I need to be able to go be with them to give Joseph respite and emotional support. Their little boys do not understand why Mommy is sick and why there are Paramedics in their house every few weeks in the middle of the night.
I want to move to Idaho and help take care of my family. To be able to move across country and unwind from the commitments I have here in Kansas will take money I do not have. This is why I am reaching out for help. I need $2,000 for the physical move and $5,200 to fulfil my financial commitments here in Kansas through the end of the year.
It had been my plan to move the end of December but I just received a phone call that Jenifer just had another grand mal seizure this one lasting 2-3 minutes. Her poor husband is so tired and emotionally drained. I am so grateful that my daughter has such an amazing husband.
I have lost a child; the thought of losing another terrifies me. I humbly ask for any support your heart leads you to give. Please if you can help, http://www.gofundme.com/d5ybno Let them know Herbie sent you, Thank you.

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can you post a paypal link? I’m sorry to hear all this.

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Another harvester!

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He’s a paying member. Many, most in fact, are not active on this forum.

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Roy Lewis,
I am the one that made this post.
My full name is posted, now I will follow up to you:
My email address: inspector@mnsis.org
Phone: 507-384-8009
The post is true, no deceptions, and your comment, well I will follow up with that also. I am surprised to say the least. I really felt I had placed the post in the correct area.
My nephew was 16 when he passed away, because of the distance I only seen him 3 times in his lifetime. I pray my sister gets the time to spend with her daughter in whatever plan God has.
I will check with Nick and see if there is something I can do following that path, and then I will see what ever other recourse I have in dealing with your kind.
I am not sure where your hate and anger come from but people like you should have limitations.