Dave Bottoms is shy


I wasn’t criticizing I was thanking you for your opinion because you helped me prove a point. I don’t want to put you on the spot but what do you feel are the good points of OAHI seeing as that is what we are discussing?

How come you are not a member of AIBQ, they seem to have few members?

In my opinion, OAHI’s strong point is education and their weakness is communication and marketing. The Boulevard Club mentality expressed at times by some certainly doesn’t impress me but you’re being a member should be self explanatory.

As for AIBQ, they have a bilingual site! French seems to be much more accomodating to their minorities than others…But they charge a premium fee for membership only to have un-insured members discriminated against on their website. Also, you must use their contract and disclaimers…beside, I would have to drive 2 hours to Montreal for their meeting.

I noticed the insurance issue; those with and those without. I was taken aback that those without insurance are disclaimed. Why would anyone want an association either mentioning who is insured, let alone who isn’t. Now I understand why you would stay away. Insurance appears to be a form of competency, which we know to be a falsehood.