Daylight saving time 2015

Daylight saving time 2015 will begin on Sunday, March 8 at 2:00 a.m.

Thanks Roy!
Now, can you send me reminders for birthdays, anniversaries and when it’s time to change the oil in my InspectoMobile too? :wink:

I never change my truck clock, I just let nature takes its course. drives my wife nuts if she borrows the truck. That makes it worth it all by itself.:wink:

More time to inspect roofs in the late afternoon.

Gee my wife is that way too thanks for the chuckle… Roy…

Yep, got to make things interesting or the woman get bored.:mrgreen:

Took a road trip around Lake Ontario 10 years ago and loved all of the trip, except maybe for stopping in Sudbury which looks a lot my my hometown of Waterbury, CT. Went through Brighton on the way back and totally enjoyed the Prince Edward area, Ontario is a beautiful province.

Also did a week in Quebec as I speak decent French, also beautiful. Canada is a beautiful country.

Woooo Hooooo it won’t get dark for another hour! I love it!

Yes, now I can squeeze it later inspections:D