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Hello Gentleman,

I have been away the past couple weeks and have not been on the board, not like I am alot anyways, but I was curious if someone could pass along the correct contact info at the DPBR to me dealing with the licensing/registration process. I am looking for a contact person to bounce a idea or two off of. I will also look for myself in the next day or so but I was hoping someone had a name that they knew of and could forward it to me.

Thank you in advance,

John Mertins

John Mertins

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Got to do some digging

First name is Mike. He is a good guy but has little knowledge of HI. Do not know where he is in the food change but will try to dig his name out of my notes. As a matter of note, he call me to get my thoughts. I will dig for his complete contact info.

My general thoughts, the staff at DPBR is almost old enough to drive a car. They have very little knowledge of our profession. They are being BSed by "experts" to the point that they are starting to question what they are hearing. In other words they are seeking "outside" info.

One person can only do so much - so do the email and the phone calls

Right now DPBR is seeking outside info. I would like someone to send a hard copy of J - Hooper's words of wit for the last year to DPBR. Perhaps more people at the top would start to understand the real issues.

We all are in a new world of HI. Some HI's are updating what they have been doing for 20 plus years and some are not.


Open dialogue is where it is at. This is the nature of how we communicate with our clients. Why should it not be how we communicate with each other??

HONEST OPEN status of what the inspection revels and is what we are being paid for.

THIS is professionalism -- Lets stop all this crap about "back room" deals and regs that are for one purpose - "kill the competitor" and screw the public.

By the way my background is about 2X that of most members of FABI esp in the area of "protecting the client" so lets get some.......................

Professional words of wit.

Standing by


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