DC Property Inspections, LLC Changes Name


Washington DC, December 20, 2014 – DC Property Inspections, LLC has announced today that it has changed its Name and Corporate Brand to Capital Infrared. This new corporate brand will enable us to focus more on Commercial Infrared Thermal Imaging (ITI) Surveys, thus empowering businesses in the greater Washington DC Metro area to make informed decisions relating to their properties. More specifically, it will allow us to consolidate our business ventures into one single corporate identity, which will encompass all of our service offerings under one umbrella.

Company History:
2002 to 2010: Richardson Home Inspections, LLC (Residential Inspections)
2007 to 2014: Richardson Building Diagnostics, LLC (Infrared Thermal Imaging Surveys)
2010 to 2014: DC Property Inspections, LLC (Residential and Commercial Inspections)
2015: Capital Infrared (Residential and Commercial Inspections and Infrared Thermal Imaging Surveys)

The owner or Capital Infrared, Kevin Richardson, has been performing residential and commercial inspections for over a decade. He has completed over 5000 inspections since Richardson Home Inspections was started in 2002. With this new corporate brand, Capital Infrared will be able to offer an extensive portfolio of infrared thermal imaging and visual inspection services designed to arm residential and commercial property owners, building engineers, and facility managers with information they need to make informed decisions. Capital Infrared will continue to work side-by-side with our clients to provide honest, thorough and competitively priced inspections that are backed by our quality assurance guarantee.

Capital Infrared delivers the highest quality inspection services available in the DC Metro area. Whether Residential Inspections; Commercial Inspections; ITI Residential Surveys; ITI Building Envelope Surveys; ITI Flat Roof Surveys, ITI electrical-Mechanical Surveys, or ITI Photovoltaic Systems Surveys, our professionally trained Inspectors and Certified Thermographers meet and exceed industry standards and the expectations of our client base.

For more information on Capital Infrared, and to arrange a Residential Inspection, a Commercial Inspection, or an Infrared Thermal Imaging (ITI) Survey, visit our new company website – www.capitalinfrared.com.

Press Contact:
Kevin A. Richardson
Owner – Capital Infrared
Certified Infraspection Institute Level III Infrared Thermographer®, #7493
Infraspection Institute – Infrared Thermography Instructor (Home & Building Inspectors)
NACBI – Board Certified Commercial Building Inspector & Thermographer, #25685647
InterNACHI – Certified Professional Inspector® (CPI), #04091175
InterNACHI – Certified Indoor Air Consultant, #IAC2-00-3862
Website: www.capitalinfrared.com
Email: kevin@capitalinfrared.com
Office: 1-800-520-4367 | Cell: 202-352-8010

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