De-rate? Due to improper seperation?

New construction verification:

  1. Wires do not have the proper spacing at the panel entrance. Does the 60% fill rule apply since this is not 24" conduit? What about securing the conductor inside the panel?

  2. Wires do not have the proper spacing as they pass through the top plate. Fire blocking/draft stopping not YET applied (but will be). These conductors must be de-rated unless proper spacing is maintained.

Am I on the right track?

Thanks for the input.

Starling pass 002.jpg

Starling pass 007.jpg

Picture 1 - I would think Nailplates are in order as well. Depending on what is used to seal that top plate it very well could be a de-rating issue.

Picture 2 - The NEC does not allow for them to enter into the enclosure in this manner as you have stated. While many areas with lack of education may allow it because they know no better, it is still incorrect as each conductor must mechanically connect to the enclosure. Where an exception may apply it most certainly does not in this installation.


Thank you for the input.

Picture 1 -I believe the NEC reference for the top plate spacing would be 334.80. Correct

Picture 2 - Having a hard time locating the NEC reference that says they must be mechanically connected to the enclosure.

Thanks again.

article 334.30 Securing and Supporting covers the need for connectors on the cables entering the enclosure.

Article 334.30 covers the need for the cables to be secured to the enclosure.