De-winterizing a house

Most if not all the realtors in this area have contractors/people to winterize and dewinterize their properties. The realtors pay for this service.

So if I were to contact the realtor to set up a home inspection and they said the property would have to be dewinterized prior to the inspection. And, if I had a contract with the realtor or was asked if I could do this for a fee that the realtor would pay for. I wouldn’t see the harm in that…?


Thought you were busy what with being new DC for the Browns and all.

Juan you came here a few short months ago asking tons of questions but now you have the answer for everything.
You are absolutely amazing.

Wayne said it best.

I apologize for being abrasive. My frustration stems from this.

I have also received a court case from someone warning me not to offer Nathans services, and other private warnings from time to time. Some have been with good intentions, (still annoying) and other times its just fear mongering.

The correct response to anyone making such inquiries is as follows:

If you are willing to take the time to get properly trained in any ancillary service and assume the risk, and charge appropriately, then go for it.
If you are not willing and can not afford any risk, then it may not be best for you.

It would also be prudent to see what your competition is doing.

I still have many questions.

Check your state law first Juan. In CA, you would be required to have a state issued contractors license for this service, which would include a contractor’s bond.

Thanks Jeff

I am already working on the insurance portion and have contacted the DPOR for guidance.

Do not be frustrated by the fear mongers. They are a great asset to your business. They serve to keep many others from providing similar services. They help limit your competition.

That said, not every idea is a good one. Each deserves to be carefully considered and vetted on its own merit. There is another concept garnering an unprecedented amount of acrimonious debate elsewhere on this forum. It’s one that I personally have decided to stay clear of.

Thanks again Chuck. You provided a similar comment the last time I let fear mongering frustrate me.

I respect your decision to not use the other service. You aren’t out there telling everyone that using it will cause damnation from hell.

As I stated earlier, I have performed this service. The difference is my client is not paying for this service, the listing agent / seller is. Separate contract, separate payment, separate service. Absolutely no repairs are performed. If the supply pipes do not hold air pressure, the water is never activated. Activating valves and faucets to open and close the system does not take a specialty license. If repairs were needed or performed, that would require the appropriate state license.

I agree with you Bob.

This house is a foreclosed house owned by the bank and has been vacant for three years. I’m thinking the possible future headache far outweighs a few hundred dollars now.

Juan, if you do decide to add this type of service to your company, good luck with it. I may add it eventually but right now I have other more pressing matters that I would rather give my full attention, Radon etc…

Thanks all for your replies.

Simple cost/benefit analysis

Will you make enough of a profit from obtaining the proper training and paying the insurance for the amount of work that it will bring in?

If not? Skip it and defer.


No inspectors that I know of do this in My area ,not worth ther effort .

Saved it, for some serious reviewing, sure do NOT want insurance much higher then it already is !

I ask them to have there people do it. I have been on sight when they have turned on the water and they had leaks. I wouldn’t take that responsibility for any amount of money

Thanks for your reply Jeff
hope all is well with you and yours!

I find leaks during my home inspections all the time. What’s the difference?

The difference would be the water was on when you got there so a existing leak ,Now if it wasn’t on and you DE-winterized did you cause the leak in the procedures you carried out. I am not against you and if you got insurance and training go for it . How ever when it goes bad do not depend on the listing agent to to stand by you. they get way more than what your going to charge to provide this service it is their duty to have it ready for a inspection.
Now i have this question for you, How much do you think you get for this? 100 to 150.
De-winterized then winterize . can you afford to miss anothoer Inspection because you are busy blowing a system out. Think of the time spent .