Dead battery

11:35AM EST
Last Updated Saturday, November 22, 2014 12:13PM EST
An Edmonton student received an act of kindness from a Good Samaritan this week that goes beyond expectations.
Derek Murray, a second-year law student at the University of Alberta, parked his car in a residential neighbourhood earlier this week before taking local transit to get to school.
When Murray returned to his car around 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, he noticed his car remote wasn’t working.
As he got closer to his vehicle, he noticed this note on his windshield.

“Clarence” wrote that he noticed that Murray had left his lights on and went to the trouble of leaving behind the note with detailed instructions on how to boost the car – going the extra mile to provide all the necessary equipment
“The extension cord was just sitting across the fence,” an amazed Murray told CTV Edmonton. “On the other side, he had his charger waiting for me.”
Murray says he’s received notes from local residents on his windshield in the past – asking him not to park in front of their house. So he says this note was a very pleasant surprise.
“He saved me the biggest headache,” Murray said.
Murray posted a photo of the note online]( in the hopes that other people will be inspired by one man’s act of kindness.
“People are coming forward and saying that they’re going to one day hopefully be able to boost someone’s car or be the Good Samaritan.”
Murray hopes to properly thank “Clarence” in person next week.
Murray’s father, Graham, says he believes that his son has learned a number of valuable lessons from the experience.
“There’s still some really nice people out there – that’s the thing I think we’re all learning from this.”