Dead Horse

Dead horse! Maybe you can still help us. I have no issue with changing the summary to a different document type. I get it. We only changed it to inspection because sometimes we need to pull down a report and the computer it was created on is not available to push to the cloud to pull from the cloud. But when summary docs are set to summary doc type then under manage there is no download option available. If you could help with that it would be great. We very rarely have to re-download but when we need to it is important. Thx.

Also Russel the agents demand a summary only. I cannot help that. If the full inspection had an email summary only option along with the print option I think this all would go away. We would love to only upload one doc inspection doc per building.

Any ideas you have on this matter would be appreciated.

The Secret weapon feature is designed to eliminate the need to email the summary. If they use that feature it essentially is the only document they need to send along with the Repair addendum.

However, if you view the inspection report as a buyer or rep, you can click on the summary at the top right, select print to pdf. So, it does exactly as you want when you just send the inspection report.

I get what you are saying. Hard to train folks to new ways. I do see a lot of agents using the feature from the full report. If I do not see them opening the summary anymore that would be great as we would love to upload only one doc.