Dead Links

For what it is worth…

That article is four years old David.

google analytics picked up 4 dead links that I fixed as soon as I noticed them on the analytics page. In the time it took to clear, I went from first page to fourth for major searches only to have it return to page one after the bad links were cleared from the analytics data.

They were internal links, if that makes a difference, that referred to internal pages that no longer existed. If you change page names, I would suggest you leave the old one in place for awhile because google caches them and they still appear on SERPs. (such as going from to

I don’t think it’s high up in their algorithm of points, but I definitely think it counts. Google does everything they can to make sure the most relevant sites show up top. If a site had 100 dead links on it, what does that tell them? Why wouldn’t they use that info?

Isn’t technology amazing? This is something new to me.

I clean up my sites annually anyways.

Thanks Dom.


You must be referring to my primary site ( )

I haven’t even started that site yet. I worked on my secondary site yesterday ( ) and I’ll bet you can’t find any issues with my links there.

While your checking my links, would you mind continuing to check them, and I’ll pay you by the hour? Please…


Nice link, but I’m not understanding my final results.

Please tell me what boxes I should be placing a check mark in?

Great…more business for me.

Check “Check linked documents recursively, recursion depth” and enter in 3 for the depth. It will tell you which links are dead and describe other problems as well. Some of the issues it tells you about aren’t a problem, such as Robot.txt prevents access to certain areas which you don’t want Google to scan (like your admin area). There’s a lot of feedback that it gives, if you have something specific I can explain it more.