Dead stop

Is there a flashing that would be a temporary fix for this dead stop and what should be the permanent fix? A half cricket?
Thanks, Marc


Tear down and start over :cool:
Just say vulnerable areas present that are susceptible to moisture intrusion - have roofing contractor improve conditions, that may involve additions of diverter type flashings and/or removal of overhang, to reduce the likelihood of moisture issues (or something like that)
That b-vent is wrong as well

Gas meter appears to be to close to AC also (in your sample report)

IF it’s not leaking then its not a problem. I would suggest that it be improved, but you can’t say it wrong if its not leaking IMO. I would personally go under the roof and look behind the siding to get my answer.

Also the B vent is too close to the side of the home.

That’s just screaming for a cricket.

Normally they would install a metal diverter to divert the water away from the chimney :wink:

How are you making any money with your pricing structure? Not only are you putting yourself out of business, but you are hurting all other inspectors in your area

Thanks for the quick responses. I had a feeling some of you would comment on the vent or even the downspout dumping into the gutter below.
I really appreciate this forum.


Oh my its a discount alright.
So my inspection today with his first time buyers discount plus the cash discount and I am still higher if he didn’t give a discount. Somethings wrong with this picture.

And you don’t accept checks …Why?

Thats the going rate for a basic in this area. There is a Master Inspector in Murfreesboro which is a much larger city (1 hour drive) that charges $180 for a basic. Check it out. I would like to charge more but I would have to go hungry or move to the big city. But I like it here. I did see an inspector that charges $650 in CT. I’d like to get that but that isn’t going to happen around here. You see, most people don’t make much money around here. So, it just depends on here you live. We are in a very small town in rural TN, and thats just the way it is.
Good comments though…

Good comment Marc…