Deadly Laundry Shoot

See any problems with this 2nd floor laundry shoot?

071307 134 (Small).jpg

Wouldn’t want to open that door by mistake, at night in the dark thinking it was the bathroom.
Hopefully, no little kids in that house, not unless you provide a soft landing at the bottom, then they might like it. ha. ha.

What can we say?

Marcel :slight_smile:

Needs a fireman’s pole?

Better yet, a BAT POLE!


naw, they do it in the movies all the time,just as long as the laundry cart is underneath.:slight_smile:

When I was a kid we were playing hide & seek and my cousin hid in the closet and suddenly disappeared. We thought he was a real Houdini! Luckily, the laundry cart was there!

I did some skydiving, didn’t like having to carry an EXTRA chute, I wonder if I should research this ‘laundry cart’ option.


Looks like the entry to my inlaws “room” :-;;


If I lived in that house when I was a kid,… there would be some pissed off cats everyday, LOL! :mrgreen: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Kitty fall down and go boom! :twisted:

Jussssssssst Kiddingggggggg I loved my kitties! :wink:


Smallest, fastest elevator East of the Mississippi. Long as you’re going down anyway.