"deal Killer"

How many HI’s would call this out?

One galvy elbow located on the main water line entering the tank T(welltrol pressure tank.

I called it as preventative maintenance but also added it to the summery (figuring it would be over looked if I didn’t, I know this agent pretty well)

I would call out the copper to galvanized steel contact with resulting corrosion for sure.

I would have noted it and verbally told the client. If it wasn’t leaking, it wouldn’t have made the summary though.

Please explain…

Up here, I would call it out and explain that aside from differing metals involved, a lot of insurance companies wont insure a house with galvanized plumbing fittings. Like K&T and Aluminum wiring, they want assurances (in writing) that the home owner will update the plumbing.

As Chris, I would have explained it verbally and written it into the report as a maintenance item that should be monitored. It would not have been raised to a major concern (ie. summary) unless it was also showing signs of leaking.

Does anyone care about those wires in the pic?

I would note it, in the body of the report, describing “pipes corroded”.

Only a leak, typically, gets to the summary page.

Also, check those wires, I care about them.:smiley:

Good point Mike…I was so concentrated on the gavanizes elbow, I didn’t notice the wire it was laying on. Nice call.

Reminds me of the times I take a photo of a defect and then get home to file my report and notice something else in the photo. Oops, it happens.:wink:

Sorry I call dissimilar metals with no dielectric unions all the time don’t care if it is leaking or not its going to leak. Write everything and let the buyer and seller sort out what is important if its on the report no one can call out I missed it. Not up to me to sort out what is important.

It would be noted as an Improper Installation verbally and within the report. The weight of severity placed is upon the Client in having the installation corrected.

I missed your reply before posting mine.


How would it go into the report if you " didn’t know the agent pretty well "???

“But they run it like that all the time up here” :mrgreen:

Nice post eagle eye! :wink:

It’s not laying on the feed from the well pump, but the feeders still should of been protected.

If I don’t “know them” they don’t get a summery.

I wouldn’t mention it. I think the wires running along the floor are more of a concern.

I would worry more about that rubber hose busting.

it would have made it on my summery.

Is the Male adapter brass or plastic. Unless there is some pure copper in that line somewhere I disagree with the need for a dialectric union. Brass valves in galv. lines last 50+ years. The rust looks to me like it is external (caused by moisture in the environment). The galv. nipple between the valve and the galv. fitting will normally be the first thing to fail.