Deal killers-how do you convince REA's you are not one?

Just starting out and I’m creating some marketing pieces.

I’m wondering if anyone can share what they have done in their marketing to tell REA’s that we are not there to kill deals, that we don’t over react, etc.


I don’t … The report is the report.


Talk soft and write hard.

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People will believe and think whatever they want, based on what they see from you in the field.
I suspect anything you pen to convince someone that you “don’t kill deals” will sound like you write soft reports.


The Realtors/Agents that believe in “Deal Killers” are those that don’t take responsibility for closing. They are always finding blame with others for their own failures. I’m sure we each know someone who fits this category. Little chance in changing they way these people think. As Roy said, “The report is the report.”


I never kill the deal. The house commits suiside.


I wouldn’t advertise anything about not being a “deal killer”. If your report breaks the deal its the buildings faults/issues that caused it, not you. With that being said the way you relay bad news goes along way in a realtors eye’s… Don’t forget, you work for the client not the realtor!

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I wouldn’t address that topic in my marketing collateral. At best you’re going to attract agents that are a P.I.T.A. to work with, and at worst it might come around and bite you in the behind if you ever have an issue with a client.


Market to clients, mortgage brokers, RE attorneys… REAs are last resort. Unless you aim to be a great team player :slight_smile:

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Not for me!

REA love you because you say “I see nothing wrong with that” :wink:

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No not true.

Hi Simon;

So how are you marketing direct to clients? When you started out what were your most successful techniques for finding people that were buying homes? Do you use email campaigns much or do you visit offices? With COVID the whole premise of making a cold call on a REA office, lawyer & mortgage brokers office is sure up in the air!



“Deal Killers” is a relative term.

Some agents love me because they think I am not a deal killer.
Other agents think I am a deal killer.

IMHO, the only agents who are afraid of deal killers aren’t very good agents.


What he said^^^.

I agree!
I don’t market solely to agents or buyers. When I meet a new agent through a client, or a new client through an agent that I’ve worked with before, either way I am going to do a bit of in-person marketing because the best advertising comes from personal referrals.
Part of that marketing is not just selling yourself, actually not focusing on yourself but focusing on the client’s needs and educating them on the building conditions. When you take the time to explain in detail what conditions exist and what may have caused them, and discuss possible corrective actions, the client’s feel good about you and the agents will feel good about you, regardless of how they feel about the building afterwards. Success with this practice becomes apparent when you have repeat clients who insist that you inspect their next house after they walked away from another one.

I had an agent I met yesterday who asked me some probing questions as it was evident he was sizing me up. Hoping to have another agent inclined to call me in the future, I was honest and straight forward with him. He asked me specifically “If you find an air conditioning system that is 15 years old, how do you write that up for the client? Do you tell them its at ‘end of life’ or ‘past life expectancy’ or to go ahead and budget to replace it?” So I told him the truth, “I don’t want to scare a client, but I’m also not going to hide something from them. I tell them what I observe. If the unit is 15 years old, I say so. If the unit is falling apart and looks like its gasping its last breath, I say so. If it appears to be functioning and there are no observable issues, I tell them that. I make sure they know the “accepted” industry standard life expectancy is about 15 years, but I’ve seen units fail at 3 years old and continue working past 28 years old. There are no guarantees.” Now that agent knows that I won’t panic someone into thinking that their perfectly functional A/C unit is about to die, and that they will walk away informed. I’m biased of course, but I think that’s the best way to market yourself as a non-deal killer. I would not actually put anything into print regarding that though.

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So what do you do when in your area where you live, work, and worship, 90% of the agents are like what you speak of? Do you sell your soul (aka “soften” the inspection/report to where it’s laughable) to accommodate their wants, needs, and desires to make an honest living?

If you do that, are you making an honest living?