Dealing with Municipalities Non Payment

Hi all,
I have a dilemma with a County Ambulance Service That I did a Mold And Radon test for.
The test was performed in a Manufactured home that the Ambulance Crews stay at during their 24 or 48 hour shift and were experiencing symptoms of mold exposure.
I dealt with the Supervisor of the Ambulance service.
So, I performed the inspection sent off the samples and sent the report (they are not able to fully view until arrangements are made for payment.) Long story short, The supervisor has yet to contact me, answer emails or phone messages (I have left numerous).

The unpaid bill is one dilemma, but my real concern is that the results of the mold test was Positive for high levels of toxic black mold.
I feel like I should make that known to someone at the county level, health department or something…so they can remedy the situation I feel I am obligated to do so. I would also love to get paid for my inspection.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


The good thing about government is that there’s a chain of command. Send one more message that you’re about to escalate. Then go up. If that does not work, and if you have a local newspaper/news website, interest them in a story.

Your client is normally your client, the one you report to. But this sounds extraordinary enough that if you can’t get it through, you owe it to the crews to get the word out.


Exactly. I am sure that they wouldn’t want to jeopardize their contract for responding to 9-1-1 calls, as one example!!

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Exactly, I feel my real Clients are the crews that are being affected by the mold.
That Supervisor doesn’t spend much time there, if any.
I will try one more call and email with invoice , then move it up the chain. I never thought about the Ambulance being a contractor.

Have you thought about the possible contamination being spread to ‘innocents’ that it may come in contact with and harm as passengers in the ambulance?


Just a thought but the supervisor might “not want to know” there is mold present. I can image the government cost to remediate a space like that to be much higher than a private residence, and the supervisor doesn’t want to open that can of worms. If the bill isn’t paid they might be hoping to sweep the issue aside. Find out who is next up the chain from the supervisor and if there is an agency or local government office that might also cut you a check and send the bill there.

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I believe you are correct. That was one of my first thoughts.

I didn’t even think of that, all the more reason to get this taken care of.

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Thank you all for replying with some awesome advice. I’ve got a plan and will post what happens.

It’s Awesome to be able to post about issues and get such prompt and realistic advice.


Typically accounting issues are handled at the main office. Call the County’s main office and ask for the accounting department and they should be able to help you.


Thanks Everyone.
Appreciate the feedback.

So, go to the prosecuting attorney.

He may have to make 1 phone call.

Or, what Randy said above.