Dear Washington Redskins

Dear Washington Redskins:

I think I speak for all Slavic-Americans including Melania Trump and my own industry’s Dominic Maricic when I assure you that you can name your professional football team after us.

As a people, we’re proud of who we are and we would love to have an NFL team pay tribute to our positive traits, such as our fighting spirit and strength.

If native Americans don’t want it… we’ll take it! We’d consider it a great privilege if you would change the name of your football team to honor Ukrainian Americans.

Nick Gromicko

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I’d love that! It would be a great way to honor my family that fought against communism in the wars over there too. Maybe the Washington Slavs or Washington Croats? Hell the only thing we’ve had named after us was the Yugo, I’d like an upgrade :smiley:


Ya, Dom, You guys could use an upgrade…Yugo… LOL!

I heard they were thinking about naming them after the DC politicians. The Washington Swampers.