Death Trap

Photo from a recent inspection. I still cannot believe the things people do…

I don’t know of any code that would prohibit that.

The issue with receptacles near water is not the receptacle itself, but what someone plugs into it. I doubt anyone is going to accidentally drop a clothes dryer into a sink full of water.

Yes, it’s poor placement, but I hope you didn’t include a lot of hyperbole about it in the report.

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Did you test it to determine if it was even active?

I bet I could find one if I looked hard. That receptacle obviously isn’t approved for wet locations. I would write it up real hard. I agree with the OP that it’s a life safety issue.

That doesn’t matter. Flipping a certain breaker or switch could make it active.

The location of that receptacle is not defined as a “wet location”. If you can find something please let me know. Always willing to learn.

Its not a good idea to mount a lavatory on the wall the drain does not work well and the faucet shoots water on the floor???:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::shock:

I think this is what you meant :wink:

Remembe4r that just because the code does not address it…its still a bad idea…
And code standards are similar to being happy your child came home with all “Ds” in school, after they passed!

Part of testing would include checking the panel(s) to ensure no assigned OCPD. It is always possible the outlet was abandoned and its OCPD used for a new receptacle outlet location. Of course we were not there and only the OP can tell us if there was another receptacle outlet and whether or not he checked the panel(s) for an assigned OCPD. :wink:

I thought that was a bathtub!!! If it’s a sink, which it appears to be on closer examination, I retract everything I said previously.

Mount sinks sideways? Seems messy and wet to me.

Yes, a laundry sink.

Was it GFCI protected? Maybe it was for a big ***** hair dryer.

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It’s a 30A dryer outlet.

What’s this death trap talk?

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What if someone is holding the clothes dryer while standing in the sink full of water and accidentally drops it?


Well, you can’t fix stupid. :wink:

Mine is at an elementary school.

Now that was funny! :smiley: