Death Trap

Code shouldn’t cover Darwin Award winners.

I’m sure you all have seen this one.

So what happened to the OP? I’d be happy to hear what the electrician that was referred to repair the “death trap” issue said.

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lmao …:d:d

Hair dryer?

Show me a hair dryer with a 220 30A plug.

Well maybe you can. LOL

Is there a code for locks on the front door? Why do they install them then??

Ya, you need one with a key lock on both sides to be safe. :crazy_face: :thinking: :grimacing:

Flip house, flip house, rolly polly flip house… I’m sure they covered this in some “make a fortune using other people’s money flipping houses” training somewhere. Too bad the attendees were looking down at their phones at the time. These are easy, the ones that kick my butt are the missing items. Beware of that which is not present… I just inspected a flip/flop that was missing the washer and dryer connections altogether (every single window screen was gone as well). Funny what you’ll miss when it ain’t there to begin with (saved by the checklist…again!)…