Debate challenge

There is an interesting phenomenon that transpires within a tribal society. One tribe considers any information transmitted from the opposing tribe as a parasitic pathogen of ideas. And thus it must be contained like a virus.

Consequently, when either tribe comes forth with new information or a revelation it is likely to be immediately diagnosed as dangerous. Eventually, each tribe develops a mental immune system which attacks and rejects the other.

It is very difficult for the truth to survive this type of attack.


It is also very difficult for a society to survive once this utter polarization sets in…

Well, it depends on your definition of “society”. The idea of a consensus form of governance is dead. We only have power factions wrestling for control. Which will of course lead to some form of authoritarian leadership either from the left or the right.

But the battle ground is really on the cultural level. Politics and law follow culture. We will not have a race war and we will not have an insurrection. What we do have is a current culture war. There are macro and micro levels of the culture war right now which are actually shaping our daily lives. Such as equality vs equity, the nuclear family and children, social constructionism, religion, etc.

So if you make gains in the culture war, you will likely lead the life you desire.


It is available.

If you decide to listen to the same people that poo poo a movie about exposing child sex trafficking (and human trafficking), told you that DJT is bad because of (pick any of ‘52 pickup’ ideas of the lamestream BS media), you’ve been offered facts and refused to acknowledge them… just trying to help inspectors on this forum see the truth.

Again, your truth. You don’t want to debate, you want to indoctrinate.

You’ve made this decision for me…

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You have a decision- allow yourself to view facts that Dave is offering - or stand firm in your pride where you won’t even watch the movie- I would say the indoctrination is in the one who is shut off to the possibility that there is more than meets the eye- unlike an inspector that gathers facts to understand the whole system.

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Then I would say that you should look up the definition of indoctrination.

I would say you have already been indoctronated.

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I would say that you’re a narcissist, with a messiah complex


If you want to watch a good movie that is related to the video that you posted, look up “The Brainwashing of My Dad”.

Curious, is the Dinesh D’Souza that made 2k Mules the same Dinesh D’Souza who pled guilty to campaign finance fraud in 2014?

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They are all sinister, eh?

Shall I even mention Trump or Hillary? :rofl:


They are. But it does seem like the fines levied out in the articles you posted are more like a “penalty” for oversights, rather than attempts at actual fraud.

I just find it rather funny that the guy trying to sell us a $20 video about election fraud just got off probation for fraud. :sweat_smile:


Well, that is a matter of prosecutorial perspective (bias) don’t ya think? Hmm, can we think of any other cases where similar crimes occur but had far different prosecutorial outcomes?

I’m not sure. Here are the “crimes” Obama’s campaign committe was penalized for in the article you posted…

1. The major sticking point for the FEC appeared to be a series of missing 48-hour notices for nearly 1,300 contributions totaling more than $1.8 million

2. The document outlined other violations, such as erroneous contribution dates on some campaign reports.

3. The Obama campaign was also late returning some contributions that exceeded the legal limit.

So we have some missing notices, some incorrect dates, and some contributions that were returned, but were returned late. Can you imagine not having any inaccuracies in a campaign that involves receiving tens of thousands of individual contributions? I actually can’t imagine anyone could run a presidential campaign nowadays and not have a few infractions that slip through. I’m glad they are being audited though to look for shenanigans!

But, one single contributor should be able to make a donation without committing fraud. Especially when that person seems to know a lot about how elections work?

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Personally, I think the DOJ and the media runs cover for them. These crimes could have been categorized differently as needed depending on prosecutor motivation. I have seen too much of this to think otherwise.

Sorry, but these clowns are all the same. It all just depends on who you know in high places or which side you are on. I am glad Dinesh was convicted. Now if they would continue this across the board. Until then, I give him a pass like all the rest.

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I wouldn’t say anyone is getting a pass necessarily. As your linked articles state, large fines have been paid by multiple campaign teams. I’m just not sure that the infractions in the articles constitute a crime that would require prosecution. They are more or less bookkeeping/administrative errors as far as I can tell. But even those should be investigated and penalties handed out if warranted.

But just to circle back, I am talking more about the fact that a self-proclaimed election fraud “investigator” wants us to pay $20 to see his video, but has admitted to committing election fraud himself? I guess I’m not real keen on sending this guy $20, lol.

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Dinesh D’Souza to spend eight months in confinement after pleading guilty to arranging straw donors

Weird, 8 months seems extreme, must have been the plastic kind, instead of the paper kind… :laughing:

Sorry, the dad jokes are strong with this one