DEBATE NIGHT! Let the setup begin

Is everyone ready for the “big boy” press conference the 0biden Admin is scheduling for tomorrow?

I’m surprised they scheduled it at 5:30. That’s right about when his Sundowner’s kicks in. Maybe they really do want to put the final nail in his coffin. He gets up there, babbles incoherently yells, “I be the best mumble mumble vice president ever and ice cream has no bones, just look at my oppy-tenant, he owns a bldlingga with my name on it. I just spoke to Kim Jong sung Ill un luther jr and he’s voting for me!”

If it replaces the bl0w3apon Labs, ultra corrupt guberment and human/child trafficking rings the see eye aye planted there, I’m good with that.

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Ehh, ruh roh. Might be another “off night” for Biden. :man_shrugging:


Nothing unusual about pedo joe 0biden having another bad night.

Overall, I would say that didn’t go as he hoped.

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Where’s the Excedrin? I have another 'effin headache!

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Other than ped0 joe obiden calling (puppet) Zalenski “President Putin” and calling his Vice pResident “Vice President Trump” and the 100 other gafs he made… I thought his most interesting point of the night was when he mentioned “my CIC” (Commander in Chief). I wonder who that might be?? :thinking: :wink: :us: :us: :grinning:

I don’t “hate” Biden as many here do. But it is time to step down. I think he knows what he wants to say, but he can’t get all of his faculties to cooperate. It is actually a bit sad to watch.


Interesting take.

Well, you can see it in his mannerisms. The thought is there as to what he wants to say, or the point he wants to get across. But the words don’t make their way to his mouth in a reasonable manner many times, if that makes sense?


His daughter Ashley talks about his mannerisms when she was a child in her diary. It’s sick. I hope he keeps in the race and the DS doesn’t make a martyr of him and “klLL” him (and blame it on MAGA folks). But my point of view is this is all part of “The Show”. I hope everyone is enjoying the show.

Interestingly, I suspect anyone with a heartbeat and is generally likable could make a good strong run at Trump.

However, the last I heard they were floating the idea of putting Giggles at the top of the ticket.

Everyone, please pray for our country.


And Big mike.

So, you’re saying there’s a chance? :wink: :sweat_smile:

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You’re saying this serial killer, war monger would be good for our country?

You’ve never been accused of having a sense of humor, have you?


No I have a great sense of humor. But facts are facts.