Debris in attic

I found debris from trees (leaves etc) in the attic. Ridge vent with no screen at peak. I assume the debris has blown in. Home was built in 2004 and there are no other roof permits, so I assume the roof is original.
Recommendations on how I should write this up?
Pictures attached.

That’s it. Thanks


Wouldn’t these block the ridge vent and/or exhaust vents?

…and, the white in this picture looks like a filter/screen:

Sure does. He said there was no screen though?

Looky how shiny new all the hardware and fasteners look. Kind of gets the impression the original problem was fixed (new ridge vent and or screen replaced) and the debris is left over (not cleaned up).

Don’t know but I have trouble believing this is a significant defect.
Why “write up” anything?


Fire hazard?

Ridge cap missing proper mesh.
Mesh example image.


Significant? The buyer can decide that.

If there’s a bunch of crap getting into the attic I certainly would want to know about it and what I can do to prevent it. That crap should be outside where it belongs, not within my building envelope. Is there crap like this in your attic?

How deep would the debris have to be before you thought it was a significant defect?
For one…That crap will hold moisture and become a mold haven…

It’s the underside of the galvalume ridge cap.
Click the image for a larger view.