December 10th is approaching fast to nominate someone for the Gromicko Award

It’s that time of year again, and the December deadline is approaching fast for Nominations.

Nominations will be accepted for this Award till December 10th, 2020.

Nominations need to meet the criteria as listed here;

iNACHI Awards Chapter - InterNACHI®

The award will be presented to any InterNACHI® member selected based on exceptional contributions to InterNACHI®, fellow members, and their local community in the following ways:

|I.| performs to help improve the service, quality and image of InterNACHI® and the inspection profession;|

|II.| exemplifies professionalism and dedication to excellence by putting forth extra effort to ensure consumers are serviced properly;|
|III.| provides extra time and effort to help new members on and off the forum by assisting in how to operate a home inspection business and help answer or interpret their daily field questions on the forum.

|IV.| The InterNACHI® Awards Committee is the final authority of the issuance of this, and any, award offered.

At the bottom of the page here; is the link to the Nomination Form , fill it out and submit. It will be forwarded to a Committee Member of the Awards Committee.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Awards Committee and approved or denied for the Nomination for this Award.

Different from previous years, Nominations will be confined to Members active on this Message Board.

Now submit any Member that you feel has met that criteria posted above.

Thank You for your time, always appreciated.

it’s hard to believe it is that time again…

Members, make your vote count.

We want some more! :cowboy_hat_face:

Member Of The Year Nomination