December 31st Is My Last Day

Hey Gents, Just to let you know that December 31st Western Frontier Home Inspection will close for ever. I gave it a good run but the California Housing market has sunk my battleship!! I am leaving active duty soon and I will be forced to find a job overseas to cover the costs of my losses and my expendatures that remain. I want to thank Nick Gromicko and Internachi for all that they ahve done for me and this great career, the economy is more than I can handle right now, so its time to bow out gracefully…

Howard W. Lorenz
Western Frontier Home Inspection
Vacaville Ca

Good luck with your future endeavors Howard. They need home inspectors overseas also… Thank you for your service…

Thanks Stephen…Will be working for the Federal Government over there if at all possible…

Good Luck, many happy returns


That is sad news! I wish I could help and I know this is a big decision. I am afraid this may be a trend soon. I know I am beginning to feel the slow down myself. Has me wondering as well! Tis the season every four years, it seems! I wish you the best of luck and anyone that has been a home inspector is a survivor and you will be no different! Good luck Howard!

You may be better off over seas! Godspeed