December Home Savvy eZine Is Out!

Here it is…

(All HSM accounts are being converted from Nov. to Dec. now. All should be completed tonight.)

Looks good Robert!! The article on snow is fitting. It’s coming down heavy here tonight.

Thanks, Mr. Dapkus! Wish it was snowing here in Atl. It’s been a while. On that note…

December’s email teaser inclusion:

Great stuff Robert!

How do I finally get off your spam list?

I have followed these directions to a “T” every month, yet I continue to receive the spam.

…directions followed that do not work;

NewsletterJunction - P.O. Box 2710, Duluth, GA 30096 - (678) 348-7377
This email was sent to you by NewsletterJunction, publishers of Home Savvy eMagazine. It is intended ONLY for property inspectors. We apologize if you received this email in error. If you received this email in error, or you no longer wish to to receive our announcements about Home Savvy eMagazine, then please send an email to and type only the word “Unsubscribe” in the Subject line. Do not add anything else to the Subject line.

Start here:

Step 1: Ask NACHI to remove you from the big, industry-wide “spam list” provided to vendors.

Step 2: Ask NACHI to remove you from the NACHI member list that is provided to vendors.

When you request to be removed from one list, you may still be on another. We do not have a way of managing unsubscribed emails between lists. Nonetheless, you have been removed from both lists on our end.

For clarity:

We don’t send emails out “every month” to inspectors. If you had asked to be removed “every month”, I assure you, you would have been removed. If I, or one of my assistants, somehow missed a previous unsubscribe request from you, then I apologize. It happens. If a previous request of yours included anything in the subject line other than, or in addition to the word “unsubscribe” (like “unsubscribe me”, “please unsubscribe”, “remove”, “take me off you list”, etc.), then you are likely to not have been removed as our system is automated based on the subject line keyword. Finally, if your email address is on more than one list provided to us, then you will need to request to be unsubscribed from those lists, too.

Also, my telephone number and email address are published. If you need assistance in the future, try contacting me personally. You could even try PMing me.