December NACHI Chicago Chapter Holiday Meeting

December NACHI Chicago Chapter Holiday Meeting
I have had quite a few replies that people would not be able to make the Holiday party on December 16 due to family and other holiday gatherings. Since there is a minimum for Dinners and Hors D’Oeuvres, the decision has been made to hold a regular meeting (no monthly meeting fee, Ho Ho Ho) with the buffet and a few extras such as a salad as well as some appetizers. We will have brief chapter meeting before the buffet on our 2011 schedule for Speakers, CE courses and Trade shows. So for those who can, please join us for food, fun and exciting Door Prizes!
I hope to see you there!
12/16/2010 6:30
Best Western
4400 Frontage rd
Hillside Il
Christopher K. Kirkman

I will try and be there if my choppers are back functioning by then.

I will get you a straw