Deck Helmet Narrative

Anyone have a narrative/disclaimer for this crap they are spraying on decks?

No idea what you’re referring to. We don’t do that kind of sh*t around here!!

It’s crap. It gets hot, it is rough on your feet and hides rot. 90% of the time I see it applied, it is done so poorly the deck boards need to be replaced anyway.

yes it includes
Rust-Oleum Restore Class Action Settlement | Class Action Rebates
Lawsuit Alleges Defective Behr DeckOver Sold at Home Depot Stores

That’s really kinda poetic. Y’know, I wish inspectors would use more poetry in their reports. It would help take the edge off the tension inherent in the transaction. And I think reports would get a better reaction. :mrgreen:

I so agree. So many times I want to throw in some levity or just plain simple English rather than the “technicalese” we tend towards in reports. Unfortunately, we inspectors are expected to “behave professionally”. Geez folks, lighten up! It’s not like this is the single biggest purchase you will ever make in your life or somethin’ like that! :roll:

Like any coating, Deck Helmet can be applied correctly or incorrectly. I would say leave your personal feelings about the product out if it and just report on the condition of the wood that you can see.

Very poor reviews on the resurfacing system. Unfortunately if you do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions you will likely end up trapping moisturizer and hiding defects.

Observation: Peeling cracked resurfacing system.
Note what structural defects you can observe. Ledger, flashing, critical connections, structural integrity.
Recommend. A licensed deck contractor evaluate, improve, repair and seal repaired defects and deficiencies.
Limitation. Visual assertion impeded by resurface coating.

I would have probed for decay. Lacking finding any, I would have disclaimed the integrity of the deck planking because the wood is obscured by a thick coating system (whose purpose is to hide plank defects). Not much different that outdoor carpeting on a deck (I disclaim that likewise).

Hiding behind technical terms that no one understands (including the person using them more often than not) is not professional behavior IMO, plain language and and logical explanations anyone can understand is.