Deck Install

pic 1 shows that the post is not notched to receive the front rim joist.

it should be notched the same as the rim joist on the right, correct?



Correct and the supporting joist should have the proper joist hangers.

Additional Simpson ties should be added to the post rim-joist connection.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

A bolted connection, like that, would be limited by bolt capacity and is, usually, avoided. Here is an install guide that may be helpful…particularly pages 11 and 12.

Larry, that’s a nice deck website, Thanks

Chris… Not deck related, however did you state you could not view the shed roof over the garage or did you climb on from the deck and view from there? Just something I see here that many inspectors do not comment on.


Roof was a bit too steep and it was only about 15 degrees, so I stayed off the roof.

I had to find a higher elevation near by and use binoculars to view the portion you’re referring to.

i stated in my report that the roof was viewed with a ladder at eaves and/or the ground with binoculars.

Great catch! That is a small, but very important detail.