Deck restore ???

New to me . Has any one any idea on how good these products are .

Hi. Roy.

I used this product a couple of months ago to see how it works.
My front steps with the drop matts always made the paint peel from the pressure treated lumber.
In an attempt to save the steps in lieu of buying precast steps like the commander wanted, I tried the product.
It looks like pre-cast steps are still in the forecast. :wink:

Pretty much like the video, you need to buy matching paint for vertical surfaces, because the grity product don’t look good on vertical.

So you need to mask and do one or the other first.

In my case, I had no gaps inbetween boards, so I just used a small roller, but the rough texture was to much for me and cut it down with the paint brush.
Pretty abrasive finish.

I was in the hopes of doing this on my 22 year old deck boards in back of the house, but changed my mind due to the appearance.

I is a good durable product, very elastic and I will be able to tell how the bond holds up in the Spring.
I believe I paid $75 for a 2 gallon kit that covers 10 s.f. with two coats.
Matching gallon of stain another $40+.

Here are a few pictures.


Roy, you’re welcome to come and try it on my 20+ year old deck, I suggest December we might get a few cold days or some warm weather either way it will be a lot warmer then ON.

I just don’t believe that it will adhear to the deck boards for 10 yrs. I guess after 10 year you have to replace the decking. Would work good for an boat dock or more industrial setting, that said I bet a lot of flippers give it a try cheap, easy and fast.

My deck is 22 years old and I have to coat it every two years to make it last. All P.T. This stuff is probably the same, will require maintenance every so often. Elastic as it is and bonding properties as I saw, 10 years is not far fetched. :slight_smile:

Because of ecological considerations it’s hard to find anything for finish coating decks that lasts for more that 2 or 3 years. I should say “not possible”.

I just finished inspecting and testing window sills on a building built in 1925. Two, maybe one, layer of paint.

Was it lead paint?

You betcha. Nothing else lasts that long.