Deck structure questionable

Deck structure had main beams attached to the house using joist hangers.
Beams were supported on the end opposite the home by a 4x4 column.

The structure felt solid with no visible movement or settling but I have never seen this configuration before







IMPROVE: Today’s deck construction, support, and attachment standards typically call for proper footings, 6X6 posts, and 1/2 inch bolts securing deck to the beam and the house. Not all of these elements appear to be present. Consider upgrading deck to current standards.

The deck was constructed that way so that the deck would not be attached/supported at the cantilever.

My main concern would be how do theykeep water from traveling into the wall system where the beams penetrate the siding.

Excellent catch! I should have mentioned in my post that they had a very large amount of caulking at one of the beams indicating that they had previous problems. One of those DIY caulking jobs where more is always better!

I appreciate your insight and this was addressed in the report.