Deck Support Illustration

Anyone have a deck support illustration? I’m specifically looking for a diagram for supporting at an overhang as seen on the left in this photo.

100_2761 (Small).JPG

A lot of problems with that deck, including attaching at an overhang.

Vince, such a deck design is not allowed by the AFPA Deck Design Guide based on the IRC, see pg 12 of the guide that Larry referenced. It should have been designed and built as a ‘free standing’ deck from the git-go.

Amazing isn’t it?:slight_smile:

Not much lateral stability either.

Post to beam connections.


Michael, I believe there might be an exception the that statement.

Check here]( on page 7 for attatchment to cantilevered overhangs.

Marcel :):smiley:

Great! Those two documents conflict it would appear. Pick the one you prefer I suppose? :smiley:

See: Capture.JPG


Michael, I believe they prefer to not allow it because in most cases the rim joist is not exposed on the inside and therefore the additional reinforcement necessary to provide a safe attachment would not get done.
I believe there is room for a little common sense on the builders part of it also.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Maximum cantilever allowed beyond the beam is 24".

For decks framed with 2"x10" joist and 2:1 ratio of back span, 3’ is allowed.

Marcel :):smiley:

You are correct, my mistake. Thinking of the beam to post overhang, 24".

Read all the criteria for that type of install and I think you will agree that, typically, we can not verify that it was done.