What should be the minimum clearance underneath of a deck to inspect?

Just keep shovels and a sawzall in your vehicle and you won’t have to worry about it :wink:

How fat are you? :razz:

Thank you, but i am not that fat …
Isn’t it 30" though ?

Thank you … Isn’t it 30" though ?

You missed the point of my reply.
There is no required minimum distance from grade. A deck can sit on grade if designed and constructed properly using appropriate materials.

Again… How fat are you?
As long as my 3" x 5" mirror and my camera can be held and maneuvered beneath it, I’m good to go. At 3 inches above grade, I’m not too concerned if the spacing and attachment of the ledger board is not 100% observable. It may be a limited inspection, but I will get a good (enough) idea if it’s crap or not.

“The framing of the deck could not be observed as it was too close to the ground to inspect.”

Thanks for the reply, but these questions made me fail my NHI exam…
I couldn’t find the answer and thats why using this platform.